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I bring over fifteen years of working in industry, and another fifteen years of working in Practice, to my relationship with you. After so many years of working ‘on both sides of the desk’, I can claim to have a unique blend of experience of building businesses, transforming businesses, boardroom participation, dealing with the Revenue Commissioners and banks as well as producing meaningful and timely management information to enable a business to grow.

I have worked with Entrepreneur of the Year finalists as well as helping steer new businesses through the critical start-up phase. I have also worked with businesses that had been struggling with losses and where the owner needed to understand how to turn the business into a profitable one.

In all situations, I help my clients to use information from the past to look to the future and to plan a pathway to achieve goals.  My clients always benefit when I explain the numbers in plain-English and when I demonstrate how the business can be driven by learning from the information I provide.

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