Covid-19 Government support for SMEs

There is an abundance of information, statistics and government announcements on Covid-19 that we have to deal with currently on an almost daily basis.

I have tried here to collate all the current information from the government regarding help, assistance, grants and schemes currently available (or in the pipe-line) for businesses to help them financially during the next few months.

The schemes explained are as follows and are explained in full in the link below:

·         Local Enterprise Offices – Covid-19 Business Continuity Voucher

·         Warehousing of Vat and Payroll tax liabilities for 12 months (New government needed to introduce legislation)

·         Rates waivers / Restart Grants up to €10,000    (New government needed to introduce legislation)

·         Microfinance Ireland Covid-19 Low Cost Business Loans

·         Government Credit Guarantee Scheme for Covid-19   (New government needed to introduce legislation)

·         Local Enterprise Offices – COVID-19 Trading On-Line (TOV) Grants

·         SBCI – Covid-19 Working Capital Loan Scheme

·         Wage Subsidy Scheme

·         Enterprise Ireland – Covid-19 Lean Business Continuity Voucher

·         Enterprise Ireland – COVID-19 Online Retail Scheme

·         Pandemic Stabilisation and Recovery Fund

I hope that this information might be of some help, and of course I am always available to you to assist you with advice on usefulness of, eligibility and applications for any of the above.

In the meantime stay safe and stay in touch.

Covid19 government supports for business

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